Here is a series of videos featuring work,
products and capabilities that we are particularly proud of.

Vision Guided Scara Technology

Palletized parts are conveyed into position and pallet spacing is controlled with an Innovision Gripper that is driven via a robot. The gripper is guided using optical recognition. The parts are picked by an Innovision Gripper employing a unique magnetic head, and the gripper provides an additional axis of motion to the system. The parts are placed into a shuttle and oriented into position for the next station.

Hardware Kit Packing Machine

The automated gasket kit bagging machine counts the bolts and washers depositing them via feeder bowl into the kit. Gaskets are loaded by an operator and shuttled into position. The machine automatically records disparate gasket stack heights, then picks and places gaskets into the kit. Once combined, the kit components are weighed to verify the kit accuracy. Inaccuate kits are ejected from the machine, and accurate kits are deposited into the bagging station. Lables are individually printed, coded, and affixed to the bags. Finished kits are conveyed from the machine for packaging and shipping station.