We know how to partner with you to plan, design,
and build automation solutions that work.


We love to brainstorm and think outside the box. Our combination of creativity, vision, and generations of experience leads us to the solutions that others overlook.


Transitioning to design flows naturally because our designers are often the creative visionaries responsible for the ideas. Our engineers' skill in current design tools bring ideas to fruition as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We stand by our work

We really stand behind it! We have equipment in manufacturing facilities that have been reliably turning out parts for decades, and those clients know we will always be there when they need us to adjust for the next run. Sure, down the road your needs are likely to evolve, and we will be there for you delivering fresh ideas, always keeping you a step ahead.

The build

Our builders are traditional craftsman armed with modern technology. This combination has created a standard for quality and precision that has set our work apart for more than 50 years. Quality work means minimal downtime.


Let us review your current systems. You'll be surprised what a fresh perspective, some serious know-how, and a little tuning can do. It might just be falling short of expectations, or it may not be working at all. Regardless of your need, we'll bring all of our expertise, to do what it takes to put your equipment back to working efficiently as quickly as possible.

Project planning
  • We meet with you to discuss the project, gather information, and review the initial concept.
  • We strive to provide a Rough Order Magnitude (ROM) quote within 2 weeks to determine your projects feasibility.
  • The net meeting is to discuss the proposed process, the product requirements, and adjust it for the Budgetary Quote. Vetting high cost/risk items further.
  • We review the completed Budgetary Quote with you.
  • After your review, you present your final revision requests.
  • We review all details, the FAT (Factory Acceptance Test—this document will be designed together to create the expectations and provide clarity for success at the finish line) will be agreed upon, and a Full Quote is presented along with the timing for your project.
  • We can assist you to run your DOE (Design of Experiments) to understand the variables, and improve or optimize product design and manufacturing  processes.
  • Design of Experiments (DOE) is a methodology that can be effective for general problem-solving, and to improve product design and manufacturing process.